We would both like to thank DJ George Sooty and Sam Sooty for the incredible service we received on our wedding day, for both wedding coordination and music. Having already taken out George’s services for our engagement party back in December 2015, and being highly satisfied, we could not have had anyone else for our wedding day event. George’s consultation was as per usual very professional and thorough and he made sure that he completely understood exactly what we wanted on the day, as well as the full day’s plan, whilst even offering suggestion from a music and planning perspective, where appropriate, and where he thought it may benefit (which we took him up on and it did!). His attention to detail is meticulous and his years of experience evident, throughout every stage of the planning.

Sam, our wedding coordinator made sure that we were completely comfortable with the day’s event and she was not afraid to voice her professional opinion during consultation, where something may hinder our overall experience and was solely focused on making sure that the day would be the best it could be for us! On the day, Sam was very efficient and ensured that the day went smoothly and that everything went to plan. Moreover, she dealt with any on-the-spot issues very quickly, professionally and with ease. Sam was very savvy when it came to time management and oversight on the day, whilst making herself incredibly discreet when carrying out her responsibilities. Sam truly went above and beyond her duties as wedding coordinator.

DJ George’s performance on the night was nothing short of excellent. He made sure that we had the variety of music as requested, playing and mixing tracks brilliantly and being on point with balancing the ratio of music genre to please all.

George and Sam have a wealth of experience and knowledge in both music, wedding day coordination andevent planning. Their organisation, communication and correspondence was second to none. A powerful and effective duo that have mountains of experience and work incredibly well together. Not only do they have impeccable team working skills and work perfectly together, but are the required package that any prospective wedding couple should hire for their special day! Thank you so much DJ George Sooty and Sam Sooty for everything you have done! Beautiful people and an honor to be able to call you our good

David & Elle, DJ & Wedding Day Coordinator - A Powerful and Effective Duo!