Wedding Day Coordinator

What is every couple’s worst nightmare for their wedding day?

THINGS GOING WRONG... YES, but more specifically…?

* Bad Weather?

* Venue not prepared?

* Drinks Reception overrunning?

* Photos overrunning?

* Food being delayed or over-running?


With all my experience of weddings, the one wish most couples have at the end of the night is

“We wish we had more time to party”.

All of the above is exactly why I offer a WEDDING DAY COORDINATOR service for your special day!

Meet Sam, Your Wedding Day Coordinator!

A Wedding Day Coordinator is the person that joins up all the different elements of your wedding to ensure they all merge together seamlessly. Unfortunately Sam can’t quite control the weather on your special day but she is currently working on that…!

Sam will work with you leading up to the wedding to fully understand your itinerary and timescales for the day.

On the day, Sam’s role is to keep things on track and on time. This includes working with all parties to keep to the itinerary, including:

* The venue to be ready for the drinks reception

* The kitchen to be ready to food

* Guests to move into the main hall to take their seats

* Photographers/Videographers to finish their photos

* Bride & Groom Entrance

* Food service to begin

Throughout the food service, Sam and I work together to ensure all is on track with food. Whilst we can’t control the cooking, we can push the kitchen and also make time back due to our experience, should it be delayed. How we do this is explained during your FREE consultation.

We give notice to the Head Table and guests prior to the speeches so everyone can get their “fresh air” before the speeches start.

Once the party starts, Sam is not quite finished. She and I work together throughout the evening to ensure every little detail is maintained, including venue lighting and all other formalities kept on time such as the Money Dance, Koumeres, Koumbari etc.

With this level of attention to detail throughout the day you will be guaranteed the maximum amount of time to PARTY!

If you want the peace of mind that you have someone who will oversee everything and ensure it runs as smooth as possible from the moment guests arrive at your venue, WHAT ARE YOU WAITING FOR? Contact us now to find out more about the Wedding Day Coordinator package.

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